Networx Prewire Limited provides warranty against defects in materials, workmanship and performance of all cabling systems installed and maintained by us. This warranty commences with the first use of system and lasts for the lifetime of the installation.

Any damage to the system caused by misuse, vandalism, fire, water, or natural disaster shall void any warranties that exist on the system. Any damage to the system caused by an act or omission of any person not employed by NetworxPrewire. will immediately void all outstanding warranties.

Any attempt by any person not specifically authorized by Networx Prewire to replace, repair, improve, make additions to or otherwise make any changes to the installed cabling system will immediately void all existing warranties and other agreements that may exist between Networx Prewire and the client.

Networx Prewire’s warranty applies only to parts of the system supplied by us. Networx Prewire will not be held responsible for the suitability, reliability or compliance with any standard or code, of any parts, materials, supplies or devices that are provided by the customer or by any third party.